It figures…

Wouldn’t you know it, one day after I write an entry about how development on JBoss’ app server seems to be crawling, they release a new beta version of the 5.0 series! I figured that would happen, although my comments still hold true — JBoss AS 5 is still in beta, and as far as I know, it has not been Java EE 5 certified (I could be wrong on that — please correct me if I am)…

They’ve indicated that this is the last beta version before it reaches General Availability — let’s hope it gets to that point soon!


3 thoughts on “It figures…

  1. Hm, I did think that JBoss <>was<> JavaEE 5 certified, but you’re right.. it is not. I guess I thought they had it since they had one of the first releases of EJB3 implementation, way ahead of everyone else. About JBoss5 : I’d venture out and guess that there are a couple of thing happening:* One of the reasons Mark Fleury cited when he left was that RedHat was not putting as much resources behind JBoss as he expected. I’d imagine that RedHat is trying to scale their service organization (which is the part that makes the money through $150-$200/hr consulting gigs). As a result, I can see how their development effort could be falling behind a little bit* Being a part of RedHat they’re moving towards a more “regular” release cycle: supposedly large enterprises don’t care much about 6 month release cycles, they want a stable version that doesn’t change for 5 years* I do recall seeing quite a bit of announcements from JBoss regarding SOA and all of their other products surrounding the App server (e.g. Rules, Web Services, Transactions, whateve else). I can imagine that’s sucking up dev time as well* Finally, I think they might have taken a big bite at it, as I do recall reading they were trying to get away from the JMX based microkernel, who knows what can of worms that might have opened..


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