Woo hoo!

Can you smell that smell? That’s the smell of a nice, smooth, clean sheet of ice down at your local rink… that’s right, it’s hockey season, baby, the best time of the year, and the Rangers are looking to make a run for the Cup (they also apparently sold out the entire season in less than an hour… as the great John Buccigross would say, “Holy Shnikies!”)… My fantasy draft is tonight, and things start up next week, which means I’ll have a reason to watch TV again (that is, if Time Warner still carries Versus — I haven’t checked since June… the NHL desperately needs to get back onto ESPN!)

I hope to take my son to several games of our local minor league team this year — he’s old enough now to at least sit through most of the game, and perhaps to learn some of the subtleties of the crosscheck and the one-timer (I’m holding out next year for the left wing lock)… well, he seems to think it’s cool when someone gets checked into the glass, any way 🙂

So even if you hate hockey, sports, or whatever, at least go down to the rink to take in that smell… I swear, there’s nothing like the smell of the ice!


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